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Cloud Platform

Cloud server deployment details.

Platform Configuration

Four active servers:

  1. useast1 (GCP)
  2. europe2 (AWS)
  3. asia2 (AWS)
  4. uswest1 (Linode)
  5. staging (GCP) - testing and standby only

Internet traffic is routed to server with lowest latency that passes a health check (Amazon Route 53).

Local Databases

Each server has its own local instance of MongoDB. Data is replicated asynchronously with eventual consistency.

Media Storage

Videos, images and other media is stored in Google Cloud Storage and Amazon S3.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

BunnyCDN and Amazon CloudFront used to distribute media.

Reporting Data Warehouse

Data warehouse stores display reports, collected data, screen status history, user audit trail and media upload log.

Server instances write to shared custom data warehouse on useast1. All servers can buffer at least 100 million records if useast1 is unavailable.